Some Goals of Education for All (EFA) Moment

Education for all or EFA is a commitment that is made to the whole world to provide basic education to youth, children, and adults. It is basically a moment and it was launched by UNESCO in a world conference that was held in 1990. Many other organizations also held this conference including UNDP, UNICEF, and UNFPA. All the participants decided to give primary education to people and the main goal was to broaden the vision of education. The participant countries want to eliminate the illiteracy at the end of this decade. After ten years many countries achieved their goal regarding EFA. In 2015 the conference was held again in Senegal. They set some goals for this moment which we will discuss in this article. Let’s discuss these goals.

Expanding the Early Education and Care of Children

This goal is to support and making more possibilities for young children. It includes not only children but also their families and communities all over the world where they are being brought up. It includes the social, physical, and mental growth of the children. The children living in a very miserable condition like poverty and disease were emphasized more.

Compulsory and Free Primary Education is for everybody

The other goal was to make primary education compulsory and free for everybody. There are many groups of children in the world who need a lot of extra attention such as children belonging to poor families. The circumstances of such children and their families are totally different as compared to a rich group of people. It was made possible to increase the ratio of annual enrollment.

Encouraging Learning and Skills for Adults and Youth

The purpose of this goal was to encourage and promoting the basics learning needs of young people and adults. It can be their lifelong learning process. Learning programs should be started in order to increase their skills and these programs should be appropriate according to their needs. The essentials skills of life can also be improved through quality basic education. The governments should give importance to learning skills of youth and adults in their education policies. The reality is that it can be made possible through enough funding and political attention and commitment.

The Literacy Rate of Adults should be increased to 50%

The purpose of making this goal was to improve the percentage of literacy rate of adults at the end of the year 2015. The aim was to bring it to 50%. It was emphasized that all the women needs should be given more importance. If this trend was not adopted then at the end of 2015 there were about 700 million adults without education.

Working for Gender Equality      

It was also an important goal of Education for all moment. It was made possible that an equal number of boys and girls should enroll in primary schools as well as in secondary schools. Also, it was made possible to give gender equality in education so that all the boys and girls should enjoy the opportunities of basic education and high-school education.


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