Governor Jim Justice announced that he has issued an Executive Order, directing the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources and the West Virginia National Guard to test all daycare employees, as well as all residents and staff members at assisted living facilities and residential care communities throughout the state for COVID-19.

“With our daycares, we’ve had several different staffs, as they’re trying to get back up and running, to voluntarily test themselves,” Gov. Justice said. “We’ve had four positives on staff that have come in from Kanawha County. And the thing is that none of these people had any symptoms.

“It is our hope, in every way, we can have all of our daycares up and open. We need them to take care of our children as our workers go back to work. But we absolutely cannot risk anything to our children or anything our children maybe could take back to their families.”

The Governor also stressed the importance of keeping the vulnerable populations at West Virginia’s assisted living facilities and residential care communities as safe as possible.

“We knew, as soon as we finished testing our nursing homes, we would go to mandatory testing of our assisted living facilities and our residential care communities,” Gov. Justice said. “We absolutely need to do everything in our power to keep our most vulnerable populations as safe as possible.”