West Virginia news outlets have called Woody Thrasher’s latest false and misleading ad “inaccurate” and “incorrect.” Woody Thrasher continues to fail West Virginians and owes them an apology for the false and misleading television ad attacking Governor Jim Justice.
“This ad is another dishonest attack on Governor Jim Justice by Woody Thrasher. It’s inaccurate, and Thrasher is trying to mislead West Virginia voters. This ad is just the latest example, in a long list of examples, where Woody Thrasher has failed West Virginians and then mislead them about the truth. Woody should go back to high school and take a basics civics class to learn about how the three branches of government work. He should apologize to the people of West Virginia for this false and misleading ad,” said Roman Stauffer, Campaign Manager for Governor Jim Justice.
Governor Justice has signed laws that enact stricter criminal penalties to protect West Virginians from criminals who may harm them. He will always defend West Virginians and work to create safer communities for our families.